The correct choice of hose can ensure the safety of the entire hydraulic system

The correct choice of hose can ensure the safety of the entire hydraulic system, arrange the space reasonably, and better control the cost.

The main points are as follows: First, according to the pressure of the system, the number of steel layers of the hose is selected, the pressure is high, and the number of layers of the steel wire is large.

Each hose has a maximum working pressure, and the burst pressure of the hose is four times the maximum working pressure. The higher the pressure resistance of the hose, the higher the price, so according to the actual system pressure, the maximum working pressure of the selected hose is greater than the actual working pressure. If the system impact pressure is frequent, use a special pulse-resistant hose. Second, according to the flow rate, the inner diameter of the hose is selected. If the pipe diameter is too small, the flow velocity of the medium in the pipe will be increased, the system will be heated, the efficiency will be reduced, and excessive pressure drop will be generated, which will affect the system energy of the whole system. Cost, so the inner diameter of the hose should be appropriate. When the hose is fixed with a pipe clamp or the rubber pipe is passed through a spacer such as a steel plate, the outer diameter of the hose should also be noted. Third, the bending radius of the high-pressure hose should be paid attention to when selecting the high-pressure hose. When calculating the bending radius, the crimping length of the front joint should be subtracted. If the bending radius of the installed hose is too small, it will reduce the pressure bearing capacity of the hose and affect its life. Fourth, it is necessary to select the form of the joint according to the hydraulic arrangement, such as: SAE flange joint, internal thread joint or external thread joint, 90, 45 joint angle and overall hose assembly angle. In the installation and use of the hose, there are also several problems to be noted. The hose is too long, affecting the appearance, and increasing the cost; the hose is too short, and when it is stretched or contracted under pressure, there is not enough room for expansion, which may cause the hose to be destroyed; When installing the hose, do not let it twist. Otherwise, the hose will be damaged or the joint will be loose when it is under pressure. The hose installed between the moving objects should be reserved for a sufficient length and avoid rubbing against other objects. The hose often rubs against the hard object during use. It is recommended to use a spring protection sleeve outside the tube. If the ambient temperature of the hose is too high or too low, it will affect the life of the hose and the ability to withstand the pressure. Therefore, if the hose is used within the allowable range and the operating temperature is not within the allowable range for a long time, the hose sheath should be used. . When the hose is in use, if it is a special medium, make sure that the inner, outer, joint, and seal of the hose are compatible with the media.


Post time: Sep-20-2019
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