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All series one piece hose fitting are available for shipping, welcome to inquire us and contact us.

All series include in FJX, MP, FFORX, MJ,FSX, FPX and so on.

Believe us and Believe our series—–OPK FITTING

ONE-PIECE HOSE FITTINGS: One-piece hose fittings have a ferrule that is pre-crimped onto the hose fitting. The advantage being that the collar will not slip out of alignment. This style also ensures the correct ferrule is matched to the correct fitting. One-piece hose fittings are good for basic applications and quick assembly.

The ferrule used with two-piece fittings allows greater flexibility in hose selection and connection, including 1SN, 2SN and multi-spiral hoses which allow for multiple two-piece fitting and ferrule options to accommodate the specific application. Stainless 316 two-piece hose fittings are the best selection to ensure corrosion resistance and long service life, especially in chemical and offshore applications. In these critical applications where 316 stainless is used, the end user may require the hose fitting manufacturer provide material traceability. Two-piece hose fittings are used for these critical and exceptionally high pressure applications, particularly when there is the possibility of extreme hose vibration and/or pressure surges. When severe conditions are present near the fitting components, two-piece hose connections are highly important for providing a powerful assembly of the fitting and hose. In these high pressure applications the hose is sometimes inside/outside skived (or 2 skive), creating a metal to metal connection on both the inside and outside of the hose.

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