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Salt fog test report

Customer Name: Ningbo OIPK FITTING CO.,LTD.

  Report Date December 24, 2019                   Sample name: 20411-18-06T                      Analysis item NSS neutral salt spray test

  1. Testing Department: Technical Department Report No. 20191224-3Use GB / T 10125-2012 “artificial atmosphere corrosion test salt spray test” NSS neutral salt spray test standard (equivalent to ISO 9227 and ASTM B-117). The rating standard is evaluated according to GB6461-2002 “Rating of Specimens and Specimens of Metal and Other Inorganic Coatings on Metal Substrates After Corrosion Test”.

    2Test parameters

    Brine concentration: Dissolve 5% sodium chloride in 95% deionized water (pH = 6.5-7.2)

    Test box temperature: 34-36

    Saturation tower temperature: 46-48

    Salt spray spray drop: 1-2ml / 80cm² · h

    Detection date 2019.12.22.10: 00-2019.12.24.11: 00

    Test time: 48 hours without white rust

3Sample name and quantity

Sample name

sample discription



Environmental protection zinc




4Test conclusion

Test items


NSS neutral salt      spray test

48 hours without white rust



5Test picture


6. Experimental conclusions:

In this batch of salt spray test samples, after 48 hours of continuous salt spray test, no white rust phenomenon occurred.







Post time: Dec-30-2019
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